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In life, we embark on doing things, often compelled by reasons that we do not always understand. At times we remember how we began and where we were going. At other times the beginning and the end change and perpetuate with time. When we invite God in our hearts and trust in him, we move forward through life, finding more purpose in the happenings around us. What once seemed to be a step in the process, suddenly unfolds to be the starting point of a new path; a path that leads to a greater, mightier, and nobler goal.

A path that becomes a reality, and a reality that sweeps us and those around us to a higher platform of spirituality. A path along which the comfort of faith, the inspiration of hope and the warmth of love are found. A path upon which the crooked is straightened, the rough is smoothened, and the blurry is cleared. A path in which you never walk alone, for he is always with you.

Here in Jordan the following was taking place

One night, 17 years ago, I woke up to the crying sound of my four year old son Ayman. I went to his room and found him awake in bed after having had a bad dream.

I approached him gently and asked him what was wrong. He said: “I dreamt that I was plunging in the sea daddy, and I could not come out no matter what I did. You were there, and you tried to help me and extended your hand to me but that did not help either!” I embraced him with a big hug, he hugged me back. I comforted him saying that God will always be with him and will always take care of him, and that he need not worry. “God loves you Ayman and will help you even when I cannot.” Those were the words I told my four year old son then, and the words I say to myself today. We prayed together, he was comforted and went back to sleep.

Over the years that followed, Ayman matured as a fine young man blessed with noble virtues, and a charming character, best described by some extracts from a school report in his final year; “ Truly one of a kind; energy to light up half the city; most giving and caring; most humble least spoilt and most compassionate; his spirit and encouraging and helpful nature, urged the others to triumph; utterly selfless and totally giving; making a difference in both our community and in the world.” What wonderful words these are and what joy they bring to parents’ ears, hearts and souls. But above all, to us, he was blessed with faith and love to God like a child.