Inspiration Behind the Church of the Baptism of Jesus Christ | Baptism Church

51 days before Ayman’s 18th birthday and a week after his graduation from high school, at the peak of his joy and happiness, he was on his way to attend a wedding party in the Jordan valley with three of his closest friends.

Rania my wife, Yazan our youngest son and I were also going to spend the weekend there, while Shaker our middle son stayed home to study for his finals. Ayman was planning to come with us. I distinctly recall the look on his face, the smile he wore and the words that he said to me that day: “Do you mind if I ride with my friends Pops”. “I don’t” I replied. “But why don’t you all ride with me?” “I don't mind dad, but they already went to pick up the car.” He replied. And so Ayman went along with his friends.

As we were driving, I saw a car crashed off the Baptism junction, surrounded with people trying to help the injured. I stopped to extend a hand. As I approached, I saw them carrying an injured man from the car and taking him towards the edge of the road, carried by four men in the shape of a cross with his face down. As I got closer to them, to my heart breaking shock, I found myself helping them carry my beloved son Ayman. My heart was pounding at a thousand beats per second but somehow, by some divine touch, I managed to control myself through immediate prayer to the Lord for my son. Although it seemed like it was over, I could not allow myself to give up. I had hope that maybe, just maybe, he could still pull through. Asking the Lord to be with him and help him through, and to guide us with His love, I tried my utmost best to save my own son.

Carrying Ayman into the hospital, I saw a doctor walking towards us. Before I even managed to utter a word, the doctor looked at Ayman and not knowing who he was, checked him up quickly, and then looked at me, and said: “Why did you even bother. He’s gone.” With the eyes of a loving father, full of a hope that was crushed by the reality of those words; I looked him in the eye and said: “Heis my son”.