Inspiration Behind the Church of the Baptism of Jesus Christ | Baptism Church

The Lord helped in His own way. For He, at that instance, carried all of us through; Ayman and his very dear friend Hazem to Him, my family and I with his love and grace in the palm of his hands through this agonizing and heartbreaking tragedy, transferring our sorrow to hope, allowing us to accept his will. It was at that point that I recalled my very own words to Ayman 14 years ago, except, today it was my turn to find it in me to accept them, and believe in them wholeheartedly.

“God loves us and will always help us even when those who love us here cannot.”That night, miraculously, it was through my youngest son Yazan and his comforting presence and loving words to Rania and I that we were able to submit to His will. Over the hours days and years to follow, Shaker, Yazan and the rest of our immediate families and families at large have been the source of solace in their love and faith that slowly brought comfort to our hearts and souls. And through friends from Jordan and abroad—some of whom we knew well and others whom we barely knew—who extended their condolences to all my family and stood by us with love and care sharing our sorrow and grief, we found more comfort and acceptance.

During this period of tragedy, God poured his love in all our hearts and in such a mysterious way without which I do not think we could have endured the days and years that followed.