Inspiration Behind the Church of the Baptism of Jesus Christ | Baptism Church

To see your own son die ahead of you is not a tragedy that one can ever begin to fathom, but can only face and accept in full faith, surrendering to God’s will allowing it to happen. The Lord has throughout this tragedy embraced us all with His love and tender care. Though we are not worthy of this Love, yet He was, is and will always be with all of us now and at all times, if we let Him into our lives. Sparing you the rest of our bereavement, one that I am sure we share with millions of people around the world, let me share this with you.

Change is a reality that is not always pleasant. Life brings about tragic  moments that we never expect, but nonetheless must face. While we cannot always control what happens to us or to those around us, we can always control how we react to these difficult situations. Often times however, our human nature does not guide us to react to such tragedies in the right way. That is when faith, the Lord’s love and some Divine inspiration that until this day I cannot explain, has helped me and my family through these tough times. “As they led Him away, there laid hold of a certain man, Simon… and on him they laid the cross that he might bear it after Jesus”. Luke (23:26)

We shall carry our cross and pray that our pain is one in the procession of the redemptive suffering of man, and try every day to make His way of Love, our way of life. My son passed away at the Baptism junction (‘al maghtass’ or ‘the plunging’). Through this human tragedy the inspiration for the development of the Church of the Baptism of Christ came about. Embodying “the Mysteries of light”, this  church comes to serve as a physical reminder to all of the events that took place here over 2000 years ago, when Jesus was baptized in this place to conquer death and start His ministry that brought to the world and all mankind the true meaning of love, faith and hope.