Inspiration Behind the Church of the Baptism of Jesus Christ | Baptism Church

A FINAL THOUGHT AND PRAYER The Fifth Mystery of Light: Institution of the Eucharist Reconciling with God by allowing the Holy Spirit to fill us through Baptism for the “fulfillment of all righteousness” is the start of our path of discipleship with Christ. This particular event and the one before are, in a way, examples of a start and a finish that perpetuated to form a new purpose in peoples lives; one nobler than before. God, once allowed in our life, will guide us all towards this goal. Whilst life revolves in a big circle from ashes to ashes, in essence, from life to life, it is the spiraling upward in our spirituality along the way that allows our contributions to make a difference to all those around us. It is the more loving and more noble way forward. May the Lord always guide us and reveal to us the true path; May He help us walk with love, faith, hope and humility that we may be worthy to be called His children; May he always embrace us with his everlasting and abundant love that we may through it acknowledge the real purpose of our lives, and may we always trust in Him.

In continuous prayer to our Lord, I am embarking on this path by trying to contribute my resources and time to establishing the Fund for the Church of the Baptism of Jesus Christ to be built on the Eastern Banks of the River Jordan at “Bethany Across the Jordan”.

In a joint effort with the community, the fund is seeking the contribution of others for the purpose of developing and maintaining this place of homage and continuous prayer, where visitors will be reminded of the essence of our relationship with God and His love to all mankind through Jesus Christ, His baptism, His temptation, His ministry, His passion, His death on the cross, and His resurrection.

Nadim Y. Muasher
Vice Chairman
Founding Board of Trustees