Monastic Order

The Institute of the Incarnate Word

The Institute of the Incarnate Word, or "Instituto del Verbo Encarnado" in Spanish, is a Catholic men's religious congregation founded in Argentina in 1984 by Fr. Carlos Miguel Buela. The institute will set up a monastic order at the Baptism Site at the Church of the Baptism of Jesus Christ.

The institute’s name was chosen in recognition of the central mystery of our Faith - the axis around which man's entire existence must be understood - the Incarnation of the Son of God. Its charism is broad-based; it seeks to "inculturate" the Gospel - to evangelize all cultures in order to bring Christ to the entirety of man and to all of mankind. At its foundation, the institute’s mission is two-fold; seeking the glory of God and the salvation of souls, and committing all its strength to inculturate the Gospel.

Effectively, the Institute of the Incarnate Word is a missionary order that seeks to cultivate an authentic and fervent missionary spirit wherever it works. The institute works in many different apostolates, as parish priests, running orphanages, teaching in seminaries and in various intellectual apostolates, seeking always to sow the Faith in absolute fidelity to the Church and Her magisterial teaching, and avoiding the false lures of relativism, synchretism, materialism, and the like. In all of these apostolates, and in everything they do, the order seeks to to live out the virtues of emptying oneself - kenosis: humility, justice, sacrifice, poverty, long-suffering, obedience, merciful love - to "take up the cross" in imitation of Christ.

In Jordan, the institute will form a Catholic presence at the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ, one that is rooted in Jesus Christ, to love and serve Him, his Body and His Spirit, and to bring others to love and serve Him.

The Institute of the Incarnate World is a clerical institute, and therefore most of its members are priests, along with a number of religious brothers. Its congregation has two branches, one which is apostolic and one which is contemplative—about 10% of its members are monks. It is part of the  Religious Family of the Incarnate Word, which includes their religious sisters who are called the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara (SSVM) and the Third Order. this is composed of lay men and women, married, single and consecrated.

It is a young order that is growing rapidly, taking new parishes, beginning foundations in new countries, launching new apostolates, opening new seminaries and starting novitiates in new places.